Below, you'll find the Terms and Conditions guiding your purchase. As you proceed with your order, you acknowledge each provision outlined herein. It's important to note that these Terms and Conditions encompass additional details from the Terms of Service, outlining the broader terms governing your interaction with the Website and Flowered's services.

Through your purchase you are confirming your understanding and agreement with the Terms and Conditions, a requisite for your purchase, you affirm your understanding and acceptance of any purchase agreement as well as the following statements.

Shipping Responsibility
You are exclusively responsible for shipping or delivering your bouquet to Flowered and covering associated costs. Flowered bears no liability for damage during shipping or delivery, nor for lost or delayed packages. Any claims for lost or damaged bouquets before reaching Flowered's premises are waived.

Artistic Liberty
Upon purchasing your Flowered piece,  you are consenting to the full artistic liberty of the Flowered team. While considerations for "customizations" are acknowledged, Flowered is not confined by specific customization terms.

Submission of Customizations
Any customization requests must be submitted with the order or on your account and agreed upon in writing before framing commences.

Sealed Frame and Changes
Once the frame is sealed, no alterations, including frame colour or material, can be made.

Refund Policy
Our products and deposits are non-refundable.  However refunds may be considered and are up to the discretion of Flowered only up to the amount paid, disclaiming responsibility for the full bouquet value or any incidental loss or damages. Flowered, at its discretion, may refund the total payment amount for dissatisfaction or damage, with a waiver of any claims beyond the amount paid.

Bouquet Condition and Unworkability
Your bouquet will be worked on as received. If deemed unworkable owing to rot, bugs or mold, it cannot be returned and will be discarded. Flowered reserves the right to cancel orders deemed unworkable, with a refund of all paid to date with the exception of the non-refundable deposits.

Unused flowers will not be saved or returned but will be discarded. Once preservation processes begin, blooms cannot be sent back unless included in the designed frame.

Preservation Process
Flowers may fade, change colour, and appear differently during the preservation process. For example, white flowers are more susceptible to browning and our preservation process may result in colour fading over time.

Packaging and Additional Materials
Flowered may seal and safely package your piece immediately after approving the finished design. No ribbons, pendants, or lace will be used in the final piece, and any shipped with the flowers will be discarded.  Any wires, adhesives, pins, or other securing methods used by your florist may render blooms unworkable.

Address Update
Any changes to your shipping address before shipping require notification to the Flowered team via email. 

Shop Hours and Labeling
If shipped outside shop hours, Flowered may not be available to accept the package resulting in unworkable flowers. You are responsible for labeling your bouquet with your name and number; failure to do so may result in discarding unlabeled items.

Frame Size Selection and Refunds
Designers may choose a frame size that best fits the flowers. If the purchased size is too large, a refund for the difference will be issued.

Signature Requirement
A customer signature is required upon delivery of the final product due to the piece's value. Flowered cannot alter this requirement or delivery details once shipped.

Frame Damage and Repair
If the frame is damaged during carrier shipment, it is the customer's responsibility to contact Flowered immediately upon receipt to report the damage.  Flowered will work with the customer to repair the damaged piece.